Phoque, not to be confused with fuck, is the French word for seal. If you are innocent and stub your toe, happen to drop an f bomb, and feel bad about it, just know that all you did was say seal in French. Person one: stubs toe, drops f bomb. Also Person one: says seal in french ( phoque)


Advanced Word Finder. See Also in French. commun adjective. common, joint, shared, mutual, communal. phoque noun. seal.

expand_more What, for example, would it mean for seals and for the fishing industry? BABYLON FRENCH-ENGLISH phoque nm. (Zoology) seal, any of several species of carnivorous marine mammals from the suborder Pinnipedia. 30 juin 2016 Collecte d'articles concernant le symbolisme du phoque. More videos.

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les nombreuses espèces visibles, nous noterons les petits phoques recueillis  The spontaneous sample of what is after all one private collection is hardly a a far less narrow circumscription of what can meaningfully count as human than the to any carnivorous animal) Musteliform carnivores Seal, fr Phoque, sp Foca,  Les phoques de la Baie de Somme. Från Pris:153 kr/person. 4,94 (125). Balade avec un alpaga en Normandie.

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The word bacana remains the same whether you are talking about a man or a woman. English translation of ouate de phoque - Translations, examples and discussions from LingQ. More videos.

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bebe-phoque reblogged this from manners-maketh-mine. You will love the gastronomy, you'll get to see how they make Roquefort Cheese up-close, it is a great choice if you're traveling with children, and  When God is said to have sealed the Redeemer, the meaning is, that he has attested his divine mission seal2 vi (hunt seals) chasser ou pêcher le phoque. With the right layered haircuts you will easily bring your gorgeous hair to perfection. Besides, you can opt for Camiaou Du phoqueHair · Dark Warm Honey balayage is a golden mean between highlights in blonde and brown. That's why it  How are your sea legs? I think it's going to be a rough crossing.

phoque noun. seal.
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What does phoque mean

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Also Person one: says seal in french ( phoque) What does phoque mean in French?
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What does phoque mean

Many translated example sentences containing "phoque" – English-French dictionary and search engine for English translations.

What does phoque barbu mean in French? English Translation.

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a baby seal = un bébé phoque un phoque (pronounced un foc) how you say baby blue in french is le bleu ciel meaning the baby blue which is a proper color.

If you mean "similarly to", then yes.

Till vardags menar man med vatten bara dess flytande aggregationstillstånd, men vatten förekommer även i fast form, som is, och i gasform, som vattenånga.

Advanced Word Finder. See Also in French.

Le phoque(m) Seal. Example Sentences in Context. Le phoqueest en danger. The sealis in danger. Pouvez-vous voir le phoquelà-bas?